Welcome to Cluo™, we are a UK based PPE supplier committed to providing high quality face shields to UK companies and individuals. We sell CE approved face shields and replacement visors.

Please check out our FAQs below for more information or reach out to us via the contact us form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. (This is usually within an hour or two!)


Frequently asked questions

How's the visibilty?

Great! It sounds obvious but we've received a lot of questions from people who have purchased face shields from other face shield providers, asking if ours are going to have the same problems as theirs.

Our face shields do not fog up and our visors have excellent visibility! 

Are your face shields disposable?

Well, kind of. Our face shields come in 2 parts:

- A Reusable Headband: Built for comfort and cleanliness, easy to disinfect, adjustable and suitable for all-day use.Disposable

- Visors: Our are easy-clean for reuse and easy-change when you are ready to replace them! Each face shield comes with 3 disposable visors and if you run out replacements are available here at cluo.uk. 

(PS- The whole thing is recyclable!)

What are the advantages of face shields?

The benefits of face shields over other forms of personal protective equipment are:

○ They are more comfortable

○ Protect a larger area of the face

○ Less retained dermal facial heat

○ Less fogging than goggles

○ Less claustrophobic 

○ No impact on breathing resistance

○ Easy to disinfect

○ Wearers do not need to be clean shaven

○ No impact on vocalisation

○ Reduced customer/patient anxiety

○ Protects against inoculation over a wider facial area

Are your face shields effective against Covid-19?

Yes, our face shields are ideal for preventing the spread of viruses.

A full face visor is a physical barrier between you and those in your immediate vicinity and are particularly effective against liquid and solid airborne particles.

Are your products CE certified?

Yes, all Cluo™ PPE products are CE certified and comply with EN standards and EU guidelines for personal protective equipment. As well as NHS guidelines for Covid-19.

Where are Cluo™ Face Shields Manufactured?

Cluo™ face shields are manufactured at our facility in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Do you have stock in the UK?

Yes! We are a UK supplier, all of our stock is stored domestically. We receive regular shipments to ensure we have stock available so you can buy face shields today and receive them tomorrow!

Can you adjust the headband's size?

Yes! Our headbands come with an elasticated stopper adjustment at the rear for fit and foam padding for comfort! Making our face shields suitable for all-day use.

Shipping Information

If you order by 3pm (Monday-Friday) we'll dispatch your face shields the same day! We ship all of our orders on Next Day Delivery services, though the courier may vary.

Please see our Shipping Policy for further information.